Party Planning Tips for Event Planners | WeInvite

Planning for your party by setting up the objects and Choosing the date, time and location, will make you on-track with the whole event planning process. Some of the quick tips for party planning. Date Reservation Reserving a date for the party. we use to prefer doing this month in advance and before the venues fill their calendars with other holiday activities. Party Theme and Ideas Choose the event party theme, the budget, how large the audience should be, and whether you will have the food catered. Consider interesting themes. Guestlist The guest list has to be prepared, so you can plan for the party accordingly. Remember, the number of guests to invite will depend on the space and venue. Menu Selection If you plan to choose a caterer, make sure you consult with them and decide the menu well before the day of the party. Invitations Invitations should be sent out as early as possible so guests can RSVP. Make the invitation cards resourceful, providing the necessary details of

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