Console Repair/Modding

Links and resources for console repair and modding

Modding/Repair Supply Purchase
My favorite and most trusted places to purchase supplies for electronics and modding. I always check these places for what I’m looking for first.
Hand Held Legend (
Supplier of cases, mods, and more for Hand Held consoles (primarily consoles in the Game Boy family and Game Gear.) Merchandise quality is high, and their support team is very responsive.
Console5 (
This is my preferred place for ordering pre-packaged cap kits. Parts are high-quality caps, and shipping is really fast. Console5 also tends to have McWill mods in stock.
Retro Modding (
This is another part supplier that tends to have hand held parts as well as controller parts. The mods are high quality, and they carry some case colors not found anywhere else. I’ll usually check here if Hand Held Legend doesn’t have what I want.
Rose Colored Gaming (
Store that carries gaming stands and some custom shells. Not strictly modding related, but you need some sweet stands to show off your work, right?
AdaFruit (
This is where most of my tools come from. AdaFruit usually has decent prices on quality tools and ships quickly out of New York.
Hot Tweezer kit for use with Hakko 888 or 889 soldering station. I don't own one of these, but it looks like it might be worth checking out for SMD rework.
Bluish Squirrel (
Designer cases. Those GameCube-styled SP cases are too excellent.
Boxy Pixel (
Awesome aluminum Game Boy cases. Expensive, but they look amazing.

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