Basic Technical SEO

I'll be honest. I don't like the SEO industry. Its very full of gurus trying to sell you stuff and advice that isn't always great. I prefer sticking to things that are actionable and measurable. Here are some basic resources to make sure you're getting the most out of your website!

How do you make your site's SEO better? By measuring! Make changes, evaluate your rankings, and narrow your strategy.
Use the Lighthouse audit built into Chrome to test your site for SEO advice, accessibility advice, and technical SEO suggestions
Google Search Console (
You can use this site to see lots of important things for your site's SEO. You need to verify your site first before doing this. From here you can point Google to a sitemap.xml file, which tells it where to index your pages. It also has a coverage report which will tell you what pages were included and excluded from Google's crawler. The performance section includes which search terms you are ranking for, and how many impressions and clicks they have gotten over time. You should be spending a lot of time in this tool if you're trying to drive organic SEO
Google Analytics (
This one probably goes without saying. Measure who is signing up, where they are coming from, and how well your marketing funnels are working
SpyFu (
Search for your competition and see what they are ranking for. Especially useful if you use paid advertisement and want to see what competitors advertise and rank for. Who am I kidding I just use this tool for fun all the time.

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