About Ulluminate

Ulluminate is a place for people to manage and share their bookmarks.

Bookmark management

First and foremost, Ulluminate is a tool to manage your bookmarks, in a centralized place that can be accessed by any web capable device. By joining Ulluminate, you can access your bookmarks anywhere you have an internet connection. Your bookmarks will stay in sync regardless of the browser you use.


How do you find new things on the internet today? Most of the internet is digested through a news feed where new content is bubbled to the top. Some good, some bad, but what about historical information that has a ton of value?

At Ulluminate, we think that if a site is bookmark worthy, then it's probably something that someone else could benefit from seeing too. Thats why we have the ability to create "Collections" of bookmarks that can have different privacy settings.

Have personal links that you don't want to share with the world? Perfect! Everyone in Ulluminate gets at least one private collection where you can keep your links private.

Want to share links with the world and gather followers who like what you do? We've got you covered with Public Collections. You can also #tag collections to make them discoverable based on topic.


Have you ever found a site and thought you wish you had known about it before? With Ulluminate, you can. Search all public collections by link or domain to find other people who share similar interests.

Interested in a specific topic? Great! Find new collections in Discovery by searching by #tag.

Special Thanks

Ulluminate would not be possible without a wealth of open source technologies we leverage to bring you the best bookmarking experience. Here are some of the awesome tools we use to make this possible:

We hope you enjoy Ulluminate and enjoy illuminating others with your internet journey that makes you unique!